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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS messaging is a legacy description for application-to-person SMS messaging services. It refers specifically to the sending of a large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients.

Today the application-to-person SMS messaging services have evolved to include bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of single messages (such as one time passwords and delivery notifications), interactive messaging (such as group messaging services), and incoming number services (such as mobile marketing campaigns, voting or information lines).

A defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging is that businesses and organizations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages, namely; a mobile phone application, a software program, a web interface, or integrate an SMS API with their website or system. These bulk SMS messaging solutions interface with service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

An SMS gateway acts as a relay between the mobile network operators and a wireless applications service provider. These SMS gateways allow for SMS traffic to distributed via a direct connection to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) of mobile network operators and then onto a recipient’s mobile phone number.

The uses of bulk SMS messaging is continually evolving as a new business or public benefits needs are identified. From large scale businesses to small enterprises, community groups to educational institutions, bulk SMS messaging provides a cost-effective solution for managing communications with small or large contact groups.

Before commencing with the sending bulk SMS messages it is important to note that you must comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country to which you are sending SMS messages.

What is Bulk SMS?

Among the reasons why marketers consider SMS marketing important, you can hardly find any weak points. Here are some main factors in choosing SMS marketing:

  • Global reach. As five billion people have a mobile connection, SMS marketing offers vast opportunities for engaging with the audience, limited only by creativity and the size of the phone number list.
  • High level of interaction. People check mobile phone 80 times a day, for that SMS marketing campaign shows significant open rate.
  • Multiple opportunities for usage. Businesses use SMS marketing for advertising, alerts, notifications, reminders, password confirmations, competitions, news, product information, etc.
  • Fits business of all sizes. Huge companies like banks, travel agencies, airlines, healthcare providers, etc., take advantage of SMS marketing as a tool to reach masses, while small business uses it for local audiences with more precise aims on a smaller scale.
  • Instant contact with users. Typically, an SMS campaign takes 3-6 seconds for the delivery. The speed is an essential factor of SMS marketing efficiency.
  • No bounces. Unlike email marketing, there are no bounces during SMS marketing campaigns. Even if a mobile device is out of range or turned off, the SMS will reach the users after the phone is connected to a mobile network again.
  • Works best in combination with other channels. SMS marketing goes along with email marketing and web push notifications. Savvy marketers create a mix of these channels to reach their goals, and sometimes they send SMS automatically to duplicate the message that email failed to deliver.
  • No special skills required. Creating SMS campaigns is very easy. It takes about five minutes to build one.

What are benefits of Bulk SMS?

While traditional media such as print and TV have proven they can reach a worldwide audience, their effectiveness is diminishing. As for website and social media marketing, it too is effective, although time-consuming, and requires detailed attention.

Bussiness SMS solutions (bulk SMS), on the other hand, has an innate ability to reach almost anyone, anywhere across the world with minimal effort for the business. As such, over the last few years, its use as a marketing tool has skyrocketed to heights.

  1. Rapid Deployment

Once configured via an SMS service provider, sending mass SMS messages is almost instantaneous. This enables information to travel across the globe with the highest rate of readability of any marketing method/technology. In fact, 95% are read within minutes of the message being deployed.

  1. A Targeted Message

Other forms of marketing often suffer from a high degree of wastage, with regards to reaching the right customers or demographic. Bulk SMShowever, does not, as messages can be sent directly to the intended audience. Furthermore, thanks to that targeted nature, the read rate/open rate of SMS marketing is as high as 98%

  1. Ease of Creation and Delivery

Composing a 160-character message and sending it to multiple recipients is a relatively quick and simple process, saving businesses time and resources. Furthermore, software such as our MTX platform is extremely easy-to-use to use, enabling contact lists to be created and messages to be sent in a matter of minutes. Find out more about how to send bulk SMS from your PC.

  1. Fewer Barriers

Unlike email and social media mass sms will not get lost in filters. This means that by using a bulk SMSservice businesses and organisations can reach almost anyone with a phone number. Of course, there are laws that must be taken in account and senders should be familiar with key elements of the SPAM Act before conducting an SMS campaign.

  1. Low cost

Compared to the costs of marketing via TV, and print which is high for any business bulk SMS is highly cost effective, with messages costing as little as a few cents. As such, this solution is not only more cost effective but also offers a much higher ROI. That means, even with a small budget a start-up could reach thousands of potential customers quickly with little effort.

SMS Packs

  • These packs are perfect for sending limited time messages. DND channel is naturally connected on your numbers list, in this way you don’t have to stress over any infringement and so forth. A few features of this administration are.
  • It is best for sending limited time/advertising messages.
  • Messages must be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Irregular numeric sender ID’s are utilized at whatever point you send messages.

It is reasonable for sending value-based messages for example where the beneficiary of your messages has some sort of business/business association with you. A few features of this benevolent sort of administration are :

  • You can send messages to your clients w.r.t. the administration they are profiting with you.
  • Send messages to your representatives/associates/accomplices w.r.t. your Company’s exercises
  • Messages are to be founded on earlier endorsed layouts.
  • A client can have the same number of number of layouts according to their necessities.
  • Messages can be sent whenever during any 24 Hrs period.
  • You can utilize a custom alpha-numeric sender ID.

Individuals even in DND rundown can get your messages

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