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IVRS System

About IVPS

IVR system or IVR tech. are something we have all used at least once in our lives. What does it entail? Technically speaking, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. What this means is, when you call, the voice on the other end will be a computer-generated voice. You can use your phone’s keyboard to create a certain outcome. In other words, an IVR system or application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations to access relevant data.

– Transfer Call To Agent
– Play a Pre-Recorded Voice Clip
– Ask the user to record a voice mail
– Etc …

You can even set different call flow charts for different parts of the day. You may like to transfer a call to your agent in office time and record voice mail in non-office time.

Our fully integrated panel gives you the option to configure your IVR options, you can change or update any uploaded voice clip or change the call flow anytime from anywhere.


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Call Center Solution

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Click2Call Solution

IVRS Features

CloudShope is the only cloud telephony company in India that offers unlimited channels with introductory offers. we provide powerful infrastructure, never to let a customer miss even a single call due to channel capacity constraints.

Give your callers a personalized experience every time they call you. No more wasting time on IVR prompts that are not helpful. Make callers aware of your brand with a customized IVR.

Our IVR system allows you to set unlimited Agents/users to receive customer’s calls so that you don’t have to miss a single lead for your business.

Easily integrate any application and start service in minutes. Easily Integrate IVR Features with CloudShopeAPIs.

Missing a call means losing a potential customer or missing the opportunity to solve a customer’s problem. Stay informed about your business calls and serve your customers better.

Call recording: Our IVR records every call and makes it accessible. Each call is encrypted and stored for data security. It helps measure and improves current business processes and keep track of customer interactions. through our user-friendly & powerful platform.

A sticky agent is a person who will pick up your call every time you contact customer support/ service for a query. It saves valuable time of both customers and agents as they don’t have to repeat the same conversation again. through our user-friendly & powerful platform.

It offers the flexibility of transferring incoming calls in sequential, parallel and round-robin manner. Set-up call distribution logic based on caller ID, timings and geography. Ensure customer calls are handled in the most efficient manner, and reduce waiting time user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage.

The IVR solution with the CRM is a fully Engaged IVR CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement) solution, which can be used to provide more engaging services to the clients.

Our IVR lets you create and manage an unlimited number of extensions. Custom settings for each extension enable calls to be forwarded to several destinations

IVR System For Business

IVR represents Interactive Voice Response. It is an innovation that permits a pre-recorded voice to connect with people through voice and DTMF tones input by means of the keypad. Which means, when you call, the voice on the opposite end will be PC created. You utilize your telephone’s console to make a specific result.

How have organizations customarily utilized IVR?

For payments

This technique enables your client to pay for administrations profited utilizing their cell phones. From requesting film tickets to home conveyance, pretty much every division has utilized IVR for installments sooner or later.

Cash on delivery verification

Money down requests, if not confirmed, bring about gigantic costs for organizations. Organizations currently utilize a straightforward IVR framework that guarantees the request is checked by the client before it goes out for conveyance. This spares time, cash and HR for the organization in question.

For local language interaction

A framework that is totally robotized is a standout amongst the most essential employments of IVR. It is the most straightforward approach to speak with individuals everything being equal, without procuring individuals who talk all these various dialects.

Traditionally IVR is deployed as:-

  1. Equipment installed on the customer premises.
  2. Equipment installed in the PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network)

Facilitated IVR frameworks, for example, MyOperator, are the most recent innovative headway in IVRs. Their favorable circumstances include:

  • Reasonableness to offer some incentive to the SME’s (little and medium endeavors) and new businesses.
  • IVR causes business to seem bigger than they are.
  • Improves the client experience, diminish cost and administration high call volumes.