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What is people’s perception about you & your company?

  • Special Service
  • Group or Organization
  • Different Product or Project

How is Brand Created?

  • Logo design
  • Punch line, Slogan, Theme
  • Legal Protection
  • Copyright, Trademark etc.
  • People Awareness About your Company
  • People Emotionally Attachment
  • Advertisement Program me
  • Build your own story
  • Change Industry Belief & Perception
  • Well known for Unique Feature, Strategy etc.
  • Create Goodwill
  • CSR Activity
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Journey of thousand miles ,Begin with single steps. same like that branding begin with CONCEPTUAL design of company product and services. Through conceptual design company convery or present Its product and services more effectively to society and clients.

[subtitle subtitle_content=”RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN”]
  • In Era of digitization to cover large span of user Associate and clients each company should  adopt flexible responsive technology like responsive website.
  • responsive website design should fit,suitable in any electronic device like Mobile,Tablet,Computer,Gadget Projector,etc…
  • 70% of E commerce business Through only mobile That’s why mobile enabled responsive website is must.
[subtitle subtitle_content=”CAMPAIGN DESIGN”]

Campaign is the heart of any distribution and marketing department of company. Therefore designing of Hoarding,Flex,Standee,Flyer,Google-Facebook Ads are very vital. Rav always help to design and execute best effective marketing campaign of a company.

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[subtitle subtitle_content=”We build the brand through creativeness.”]
  • Experience of more than one decided.
  • The great domain expertise Team..
  • Content writer who create Unique content for your brand.
  • Team of visualizer who give innovative campaign and concept ideas..
  • The parallel support of social media and internet marketing..
  • Latest Technology and Modern Art of work.
  • Outdoor publicity support.
  • Product launch,Event managemant,Guerilla marketing,Campaign design,Press conference,etc.
  • THe hub of branding, brochure, catalog, product, standee, hoarding, leaflet, presentation, stall, company profile design.
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We offers different services to client. Main services we offered are App Development, Corporate Web Design, E-commerce Studio, Creative Design, Brand Building(PR), Business Consultancy, ERP Solution, Digital Marketing etc.

[distance][testimonial_slider type=”penta”][testimonial_item name=”C H Jewellers” img=”10405″ testimonial_content=”People connectivity is the heart of any business development and RAV Infotech really know well “Hw to connect the people emotionally.“” second_social=”instagram”][testimonial_item name=”Woostore” img=”10403″ testimonial_content=”“Master of Brand Building“, One idea can change your life. RAV do wonder projects, They transform my small shop into the giant store.” first_social=”instagram” second_social=”linkedin” third_social=”vimeo” fourth_social=”pinterest”][testimonial_item name=”Shreelight” img=”10672″ testimonial_content=”“Everyone needs coach“, Being fortune 500 company dealer with panel manufacturer, me and my team always suffered with complexity and old pattern. But RAV PR Team, solved our problem with corporate governance and mentorship program.”][/testimonial_slider]
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