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RAV Infotech and RAV PR is a young ,dynamic and techno-driven , rapidly growing company. RAV helps its clients in business development and expansion with the help of its experienced and highly qualified experts.
RAV provides multiple services and solutions in response to any of your market and business needs through its management services for managing your resources and designing strategy for the growth of your business.

[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Vision” iconbox_content=”To be world’s leading & renown company in the field of IT, PR & Branding” content_color=”#000000″ icon_name=”icon-telescope”]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Mission” iconbox_content=”Building tomorrow’s Corporate, Enterprise and Industries” content_color=”#000000″ icon_name=”icon-aperture”]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Goal” iconbox_content=”To help 1000+ new startup to established them as a brand by the end of 2023″ content_color=”#000000″ icon_name=”icon-target”]
[distance][subtitle subtitle_content=”Objectives of RAV Infotech”]

We are focused on to bring out meaningful transformation in the lives of everyone on the bases of technology.

We are pledged to continuous endeavour to do better each time and working to gather to create synergy.

We will always act to establish the foremost standard of honesty, fairness and efforts.

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[iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”No entitlement attitude” icon_name=”sl-ban”]
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We’re working hard to be good

[ourteam type=”5″ img=”10210″ name=”Nitin Barot” title=”Founder” social=”enable” first_social=”instagram” first_url=”#” second_social=”twitter” second_url=”#”]
[ourteam type=”5″ name=”Nitin Prajapati” title=”GRAPHIC DESIGNER” social=”enable” first_social=”vimeo” first_url=”#” second_url=”#”]
[ourteam type=”5″ img=”10214″ name=”PREXA PANDYA” title=”SOFTWARE DEVELOPER” social=”enable” first_social=”facebook” first_url=”#” second_url=”#”]
[ourteam type=”5″ img=”8878″ name=”John Travis” title=”DEVELOPER” social=”enable” first_url=”#” second_url=”#”]
[ourteam type=”5″ img=”8880″ name=”Niha Dreyer” title=”MARKETING EXPERT” social=”enable” first_social=”linkedin” first_url=”#” second_url=”#”]
[ourteam type=”5″ img=”8879″ name=”David Brown” title=”MANAGER” social=”enable” first_url=”#” second_url=”#”]