Product price is not a barrier -kinder joy (kid’s first choice)

Product price is not a barrier -kinder joy (kid's first choice)

In today’s competitive era every one including multinational – multi product brand also worrying about product price

But in other hand RAV team observed the unique marketing strategies from  well known kinder joy company  Everyone knows that kids love 3 things in their life most 

1. Play with different toys and activity
2. Lots of sweets- specially choclates
3. Friends and family

Even though, big and known player of chocolate industry couldn’t bind kids passionately But kinder joy worked totally in different way 

1. They introduced different boy and Girls toys with the chocolates therefore kid’s not insist their parents for kinder joy chocolate but they insist kinder joy for surprised superman, bikes, Barby girls toys

2. Kinder joy decided to keep chocolate quality of  no 1 trough it’s original milk, chocolate, flavors etc…  Kinder joy also promote their product as a non quality compromise product In advertisement

3. Company has given very concentrate attention on look of packaging – special big egg design which became most favorite among child now a days

4. They create the brand name of kinder joy with pre define perception and attachment – kid’s own loving, healthy, joyfull, stylist premium chocolates -toffy With basic mantra – eat with playing intellectual Innovative toys

no matter what should be your price of product people will love it if your company has specific branding and marketing strategy.

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